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Qingdao, China 

The project consists of a recreational beach with numerous events/attractions, a beachfront food mall, indoor/outdoor shopping mall, regional landmark tower (office, hotel, and convention/exhibition), and waterfront residential living to

create a luxury lifestyle.

The total site area is 127,000 m² (sites A, B, and C). and the

Land Fill site.  The total floor area is 489,600 m².

SITE A.   It consists of a Regional iconic 68-story Office/ Hotel Tower, a Regional commercial exhibition/                                 convention hall, and three-level underground parking (900   cars).   The total floor area is 124,600 m².

SITE B.   It consists of a waterfront indoor shopping mall and outdoor outlet mall; an event plaza for the mall                        and exhibition hall; Soho twin towers for living and work; the two levels of underground parking (950                        cars); Beachfront restaurant mall, and Island house (theme restaurant). The total floor area is

                  163,000 m².
SITE C.   It consists of a Hotel apartment tower, International residential towers, and Club-house, Professional                    offices, Daily stores, Kindergarten, Mid-rise residential buildings (townhouse), two-level underground                    parking (750 cars), Three-story Waterfront Villas (38 houses) with a boat dock by land cut/water fill,                          Total floor area of 202,000 m².
LAND FILL SITE.   It consists of a Recreational beach park; Water shows fountains, Boardwalk, and 
                                       Yacht harbor.  And numerous programmed events/attractions.

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