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Asuncion, Paraguay

The Self-Contained International High-Tech office park consists of high-tech related Office Park, Open Mall, Residential facilities, Shopping mall, daily neighborhood facilities, Recreational park, and golf course in the 570 hectares (1,305 acres) site.

1.  Office and laboratory buildings of research/development consist of Entry       Plaza with Visitor Center, Circular Symbol Park and Hi-Tech Exhibition/         Convention Center, High-Tech related business and technical school/           research center, The National Pride High-Tech Open Mall, and Outdoor       multi-use sports park.

2.   Mid-rise Residential Towers/Villas and daily neighborhood facilities. Riverside Recreational Park and 18-hole Gol

      course/Clubhouse complex.
3.   Three- and Five-Stars Hotels.  Indoor/outdoor Shopping Mall.  Cinema Park. Kindergarten and Elementary school.        Clinic and Chapel.


27 B Golf Resort Residential Town New.jpg


Shantou, China

The project is consists of Hillside Golf Course with Villa, New Town, and ECO mountain park. The living style in the natural wooded area instead of the urban area is a popular alternative.

1,507,000 m² (150 hectares) is the project site.

1.   27-hole Golf course includes Clubhouse, Lodge, Hot springs, and SPA. And 300 Villa (West villa resort,        190 villa, and East villa resort,110 villa).

2.   285,000 m² site for New Town includes lakeside Residential resort plaza, Club House for residence,                 Swimming/recreational pool, Shopping and Restaurants, office, School, Clinic, Library, Chapel for new         town community.  45 mid/rise residential towers (1,600 units), 145 Villa.

3.   167,000 m² East ECO mountain recreational park.    83,000 m² West ECO mountain recreational park.

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