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Guangzhou, China  

Harmonizing the great Pearl River with a curved park/river setting boulevard and central circular plaza is the heart of this project.


650,000 m² (650m North-South 1,000m East-West, 123 acres) is an Urban planning site in Dongshan District.

1.  Urban planning consists of the primary pedestrian/traffic flow with the city bus and subway system for             CBD (Central Business District) Plaza.Harmonization of great Pearl River with distinctive/lively curved               CBD Boulevard and circular CBD Plaza by extending abundant water from Pearl River. CBD Plaza at the             new subway station will be the destination of the district.

2.  This Park/river setting urban public corridor is the heart of this project. Waterfall & Fountains on Pearl              River is the gateway, welcomes all visitors to CDB Boulevard and CBD Plaza that has various event                        activities.

3.  99-story Landmark Tower (office, hotel & convention, shopping mall, cultural and entertainment hall)  is            the Iconic symbol tower as a Dongshan district's prosperity.

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