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Beijing, China

This project is the transformation of the existing uncharacterized avenue to vital worldwide International Media Avenue. Collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Icon Architecture Inc.


The urban area of 500m x 3200m (366 acres) extends along the Xuan wu men wai Avenue in central Beijing. 

Numerous worldwide IT media co., newspapers co., Media-tech school co., Media-oriented shops will have office/ stores, worldwide high-tech students and faculties come and live in this media avenue area.

1.   The project consists of Media Commerce Center, Hi-tech research/computer firms and World Media          Forum, Communication and Broadcasting firms and Studio Agora, Museum Gateway Structures                    (Gallery space), Preservation of Historic area and Museum, Technical College Complex /                                      Library/Dormitories/playing fields.

2.   Media Commerce Center consists of preserved historical buildings, Theme media-oriented 
       Office towers, Residential towers, Hotels, Shopping mall, and Indoor/outdoor Theme Park and Bus              Terminal. This center connects the existing office tower, hotels, department store/retail mall across          the street. This place is a destination for shopping, entertainment, office, and living.

3.   The Urban Gateway Buildings over the avenue intersections are the modern interpretation of Ancient         Chinese structure.

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