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Shanghai, China

This project is aimed at Shanghai's tallest landmark tower

with office, hotel, commercial, shopping, convention, and

entertainment activities.


54,600 m² site. The total floor area of 552,600 m².

The project consists of follows.

1.   118-story tower contains 70-story office floors with Low, Mid, and High by each sky lobby/double-deck                   elevator.  30-story Six-star Atrium Hotel. 12-story sky garden, business club, restaurant, and banquet

       room.  Light tower with communication and satellite equipment/TV Radio and various antennas at the                 tower's top.  The two-floor high sky lobby consists of four locations. The total floor area is 400,000 m².

2.   3-story shopping arcade with terrace-type food court/restaurants. The total floor area is 37,000 m².

       And 3- level underground parking (1,500 cars).

3.   15-story Convention Hotel, Convention and exhibition floors are located on top two floors. The total floor              area is 69,000 m². 3-level underground parking (700 cars). 

4.   18-story Entertainment Center. The total floor area is 40,000 m². 2-level underground parking (300 cars). 

5.   40-meter wide Pedestrian Promenade and plazas connect through the complex toward Huang Pu river.                  Water Front Promenade and Boat Marina at Huang Pu river. The subway station is located at Fuxing                       Circle, situated on the South-West corner of this site. 

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