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22 Hubin lakeside hotel-1 New.jpg


Wuxi, China 

The Hubin lakeside hotel towers shine by the early morning sun and are ready to sail to Big Lake with a favorable wind.

49,260 m² Site.  The project consists of follows.

1.  Sail-shaped 24-story (300 rooms) atrium hotel tower,                      Triangulated building floor offers 77% of rooms have a

     magnificent view of Hubin lake and historical buildings. 23%       of rooms have city and mountain views.

     The Conference Center provides 1,200 seat capacities for             the convention and banquet.

     The total new hotel floor area of 41,800 m².

2.  Renovation of the existing 270 rooms hotel (floor area of 24,170 m²) is transformed to semi-Sail-shape.          The entertainment pavilion (2,500 m²) is also sail-shaped to increase the Sailing boats' multiplier effect        like a family together.
3.  Multi-unit residential complex and residential suites are located around the small lake.

22 Hubin lakeside hotel-2 New.jpg
22 Hubin lakeside hotel-3 New.jpg
22 Hubin lakeside hotel-4 New.jpg
22 Hubin lakeside hotel-5 New.jpg

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