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Nanning, China

The regional conference center with a resort hotel. The family together staying hotel, meanwhile, the father or mother can join the regional/international conference. This kind of the time spending style became a popular trend.

134,000 m² (30.7 acres) Hilly site is a project site. The project design for site-1 and site-2 is as follows.

1.  The guest rooms are on a hotel tower (12, 14, and 16-story) and a 5-story terraced wing. The total of a

      luxury guest room is 380. 
2.  The Indoor / outdoor swimming pool and fitness club are located on the roof level of the podium.                    Banquet rooms are situated on the upper podium levels. Theme Island restaurant/Bar is placed on the        lake and connects to the restaurant floor with a bridge. Two levels of underground parking (480 cars).         The total floor area of 39,700 m².
3.  Five villa suites and residential mansions are remotely located from the primary hotel complex for                  privacy. Hilltop spa/ restaurants are connected to the hotel tower by a sky bridge.

      The total floor area is 9,100 m².

4.  The conference center consists of a central gallery hall, 500 seats regional conference hall, 24                       delegations of the international conference hall, two hundred seats lecture-type conference hall,                   various small conference rooms, Lounges, and dining halls surrounded by lake water,

     Total floor area of 7,200 m².  Grand Total floor area of 56,000 m².
5.  Landscaped Entry Court welcomes the hotel guests to the South and the Conference groups to the              North.
6.  Discovery hill offers a resort hotel attraction. Eco walking trail, falling water, and bird watching terrace. 

1.    "Valley Setting Arrangement" of 7 and 8-story towers and two terrace wings guest rooms. 
2.    The conference center is located facing North Lake. And have their exclusive entry court.

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