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Delhi, India

The three sites have their own Central Plaza for social and community activity. Visual connection of three Plazas symbolizes the dynamics of social connection like a "social web, and You are not alone, you are connected to this community."

Totally 135 acres (54.6 hectares) of three sites (North, South, and East site) are connected as one community (total of 7,000 units) by the use of the Visual tie effect.

1.  Each central plaza has gathering and social activities with commercial facilities (offices, neighborhood       bank, postal, daily shops, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, health, school, kindergarten, etc.).

2. The circular and radial road is accessible to all buildings. Underground parking connects to all building         elevators, stairs, and service/loading. Neighborhood shops and offices occupy the Street side of                   residential buildings on the ground floor.

3.  Vehicle-free common space between residential towers are landscaped garden consisting of a walkway,        benches, trees and ponds, bicycle path, children play area, etc.
4.  Municipal office, hotel, commercial office, elementary school, and clinic are located on South Site.

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