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Beijing, China

The towers' shape in the high-end residential block is based on

the winter sunlight code requirement.


112,300 m² site. The total floor area of 545,900 m². The luxury

garden setting 3,430 residential units, community clubhouse,

sports facilities, and office/entertainment. 

The existing shopping mall, supermarket, and school are located

in adjacent blocks.

1.    JF residential city consists of a high-end residential block and an upper mid-end residential block.

2.   High-end residential block:  71,800 m² site, 8 through 20-story residential towers with 1,880 units 
       and office/entertainment, 2,040 under-ground parking / drop-off, and floor area of 400,860 m².

3.   Upper mid-end residential block:  40,500 m² site, 12-story attached residential towers with 1,550               units., 1,130 underground parking/drop-off, and floor area of 145,040 m².

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