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Shanghai, China

The Songjiang Center is a Transportation center (Two bus terminals connect to the railroad station) and Mega-Shopping Mall.

a North entrance plaza, a South entrance plaza, four corner entry plaza is access to Songjiang Center.101,350 m² (23.2 acres) site.


The building footprint is 230 m East-West, 280 m North-South. The total floor area of 447,700 m².

1.  Transportation Center consists of a Long-distance bus terminal (34 destinations bus dock) and a City             bus terminal (48 bus dock of city bus route) located on the 1st floor. Connect to railroad Station go to               downtown Shanghai. Two loading/unloading docks (eight docks each) are located on the 1st floor.

2.  380,100 m² Mega-Shopping Mall consists of 32m, and 29m wide Boulevard Mall connects to the railroad          station, Long-distance bus terminal, and City bus terminal by walking or moving sidewalk.

      Boulevard mall with trees, benches, Kiosks, and retails connect a 100,000 m² Retail Mall, open                            marketplace, Four Department stores, and Eleven mega-stores (8,000 m² each). 

     10,000 m² Exhibition Hall, 7,000 m² Food Court, 16,000 m² Restaurant Mall, Cultural Center, and 8,100 m²        Cinema Park is located on the 6th floor.   29,000 m² Theme park /Game park are located on the 7th floor.

      Sports /Recreation park is located on the roof level. In addition, 1,000 Underground car parks are on the        Basement level.

3.  South Entry Plaza (7,800 m²), Canopy covered amphitheater type steps, and escalators go up to 2nd                (main) floor. This plaza is used for the festival, Outdoor exhibition, and concert.  Four Corner Entry Plaza        for direct access to department stores. North Entry Plaza is a connector to Outdoor Mall.

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