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02 SZ kerry center-6 New FINAL3.jpg


Shenzhen, China

The tower expressions are a structural bracing facade and V- shape up-lifted facade using two building window types. 

9,400 m² site. The 46-story office tower and 4-story retail base. Two floors of underground parking. The total floor area of 79,000 m². (800,000 sf.) Harmonious and iconic massing composition with existing hotel/service apartment (50 floors), two 24 floor office towers, and New Central Plaza.

1.    Central Circular Plaza with 45 degrees rotated Office Tower will tie up all buildings as unique complex.

2.    Rectangular Plaza with right-angled Office Tower will have an exclusive driveway and pick up/drop off,

        and still, tie up all buildings as One unique complex.

02 SZ kerry center-1 New FINAL.jpg

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