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MG Architects NYC, PLLC is a New York based Multi-Disciplinary Architectural design firm, established in 1988. it practices Planning, Building design, and interior design for major developers and corporate clients.

Our extensive experiences in Office Tower, Residential Tower, Shopping Centers, and Mixed Use projects as well as in Hotels and Sports Facilities have allowed us to offer distinctive design solutions to a great variety of challenging programs and requirements.

Our approach and design philosophy is to respond to client's needs and wishes to ensure the project feasibility by maximizing it potential. MG Architect has been expanding its international services, thus acquire expertise in understanding the intricacy and challenge in managing and coordinating projects in unique cultural environments. Such diverse international experiences ensure that MG Architect can successfully handle a great variety of projects of any size and of any style from classic to contemporary.




Mike M, Suzuki    Principal      AIA    JIA


Mr. Mike Suzuki started his architectural career in the design department of Shimizu Corporation,

one of the largest design builder firms, in their Tokyo head office, after he earned architectural deg-

ree in Tokyo.


Prior to establishing MG Architect NYC, PLLC (former MG Design Int'l) he was Associate Director for

ten years at the New York office of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill(SOM). He directed the desings of notable mixed use development projects including office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, theatres, retail, department store, and residential towers. Project highlights to include the Fairmont Hotel in Denver, the Atrium Banking Pavilion in Canada, the Gulf Mineral Resources Co. featuring Passive Solar Energy system. Since he established his firm in 1988, he has succeeded in many domestic and international development settings, and brings his talent to projects in the United States, and Asia.

Mr. Suzuki is a registered Architect in the United States and  Japan. He is a professional member of the American Institute of Architects and holds a certificate with the NCARB in Washington D.C. He has received the New York Developers Association "Design Excellence" award.






Pierre Folliet     Project Director    AIA

Mr. Folliet is responsible for managing design team. He was born in France, earned Architecture degree in Paris and USA, and worked in Paris, London, and New York.

His international back ground in education and work experience for various projects in Europe and USA enhances into the design of MG Architect. Project encompasses the residential towers, shopping malls and commercial building in different countries.


Mr. Folliet is a registered architect in the U.S.A. He is a professional member of the American Institute of Architects. 







Wen Chen     Technical Director    AIA

Mr. Chen is responsible for technical design. Prior to Join MG Architect, Mr. Chen served at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) for twenty five years since he earned architectural degree. He was an associate director and his projects encompass the various type of commercial buildings.

Mr. Chen is a registered architect in the U.S.A. He is a professional member of the American Institute of Architects








MG Architects provides full architectural services, Creating one - of kind design backed-up through today's technology;

Comprehensive services utilizing earned Know-how focusing the client needs.

We provide services from Initial Study Stage to Completion with our own unique methods,

And outstanding management maximizing its potential from extensive experiences, while achieving architectural excellence


1   LIPPO PLAZA     Shanghai, China

7,420 m² site. 40-story Office Tower, total of 44,690 m². 3-1/2 story Retail Mall, total of 10,870 m². 2 levels of underground Parking(170cars). Grand total floor area of 68,100 m².

2   SHENZHEN KERRY CENTER    Shenzhen, China

9,400 m² site. 46 - story Office Tower and Retail / Food Podium. 2-Floor of underground Parking. Total floor area of 79,000 m². Harmonious and iconic Massing relation with exist-ing Hotel (50 floors) and 2- Office Tower (24floors).


3   SJ OFFICE COURT     Shanghai, China

3,300 m² site. 10-story Office Complex. Shopping Mall and Food Court on B1 and 1st floor, Car drop off and Office tower entrances on 2nd floor, Grand Interior Court and Sports Club, River-side Outdoor Cafe, 2 levels of underground Parking. Total floor area of 73,700 m².


4  VK BANK CENTER     Phnom Penh, Cambodia

9,300 m² site. Cambodian vernacular / indigenous style or Contemporary International style. 25 - story Twin Office Tower connected with 5 - level of Atrium Banking Hall. Two floors of underground parking. Total floor area of 85,000 m².



29,170 m² site. 30-story / 370 rooms hotel tower of 22,860 m². 23-story office tower and 26-story office tower, and 45-story office tower, total office floor area 119,280 m². 38-story residential hotel 59,640 m². 4-level of commercial and shopping arcade / pearl river entertainment center 17,840 m². riverside promenade, recreational yacht harbor, boarding pavilion, Pearl River Aquarium theme restaurant, 5-story parking garage, Total floor area of 227,610 m².


9   SH TV TOWER     Shanghai, China

54,600 m² site. 118-story tower contains story underground parking, 3-story Shopping arcade, 70 Office floors, 30 Hotel floors, and 12 floors for Sky garden and Business club, Restaurants and Banquet rooms. Total area of 433,600 m². 15-story Convention Hotel. Total area of 69,000 m². 18-story Entertainment Center. Total floor of 50,000 m². Water front promenade and Boat Marina. Grand total floor area of 552,600m².


10 Beijing International Media Avenue    Beijing, China

Urban area of 500m x 3200m extends along the Xuan wu men wai Avenue in central Beijing. This project is the transformation of existing uncharacterized avenue to worldwide International Media Avenue. The Urban Gateway buildings over the avenue intersections are the modern interpretation of Ancient Chinese Gateway structure.

Media urban rooms are consist of preservation of historical area, proposed museum, high tech, media research and computer companies, would media forum and theater, communication and broadcast companies, studios, 21 century hutong, technical college, academic quadrangle, college library, playing fields and dormitories and Media Commerce Center.


5  NG TOWER     Shanghai, China

19,880 m² site. 12-Story office tower on 4-story shopping podium. Shopping podium connect to future outdoor shopping mall. underground car parking. Total floor area of 29,800 m².


11 JF RESIDENTIAL CITY     Beijing, China

112,300 m² site. JF Residential City consists of High-end residential block with 71,800 m² site. 8 through 20-story residential towers with 1,880 units and Office/Food/Entertainment. underground parking. Total floor area of 400,860 m². Upper Mid-end residential block with 40,500 m² site. 12-story attached residential towers with 1,550 units. underground parking. Total floor area of 145,040 m². Grand total floor area of 545,900 m².


6  SH Automobile Test and Development Center     Shanghai, China

13,340 m² site. 9 and 10 floor bent shape office towers as Automobile Test and Development Center. Exhibition Hall and meeting rooms to public on 2nd floor. Automobile industry Conference center on 9th floor. Regional conference hall (300 seats) and conference rooms on 10th floor. 300 underground parking. Total floor area of 34,400 m².



5,860 m² site. 28-story Twin Office Tower. 4-STORY Shopping mall. One level of underground car parking. Total floor area of 84,500 m². 


15 NINGBO SUN PLAZA     Ningbo, China

9,900 m² site. 2 6-story Tower includes 108 units Service Apartment and 160 room Hotel. 350 underground parking. Nine floor of Department store and Super market. Roof garden and Sports club on ninth floor. Total floor are of 84,480 m².



28,300 m² (6.5acres) site. Eight luxurious residential towers sit on high-end landscaped site. 4units/floor for two towers. 2units/floor for six towers. underground parking and services. Hill side ECO Park. Total floor area of 56,000 m².

17 ZHONGSHAN ROAD GATEWAY     Changsha, China

510,000 m² site. Five 37-story Residential Towers, Clubhouse Roof garden swimming pool for residents. 2 Department stores (9floors) with bridge connection, Restaurant / Entertainment Towers. Gateway Plaza. 2 levels of underground parking. Total floor area of 675,000 m².


19 KS TOWN SQUARE     Shanghai, China

12,700 m² site. Three levels Shopping Mall. Four Residential towers of 9 floors and total of 158 units. 160 underground car park. Total floor area of 46,400m².

20 SAIGON PLACE     Hochiminh City, Vietnam

19.050 m² site. 35- story Five- Stars Hotel, 27-Story Three-Stars Hotel, 33-story Residential Tower, 3 story Shopping Mall, Roof Garden Restaurants and Recreational roof top/ Entertainment, Two floors of Underground Parking. Total Floor Area of 201,000 m².


127,000 m² Site (Total of site A, B and C). SITE-A. 68 floor office tower. Commercial exhibition hall. Total floor area of 124,600 m². SITE-B. Water front shopping mall and Outlet mall. Soho towers. Beach front restaurant mall. Recreational beach park. Yacht harbor. Total floor area of 163,000 m². SITE-C. Hotel apartment towers. International residential towers. Professional offices. Daily stores. Kindergarden. Mid-rise residential towers. Water front villas. Total floor area of 202,000 m². Grand total floor area of 489,600 m².



134,000 m² site. 35-story Five-Stars Hotel, 27-story Tower wing and 5-story terrace wing guest rooms. Total of 380 rooms. Theme Restaurant the lake. Two levels of underground parking (480 cars). Total floor area of 39,700 m². Discovery hill of walking trail, 5-Villa suite, Presidential Mansion and Hill top spa. Total floor area of 9,100 m². Conference center consists of Gallery hall, 500 seats regional conference hall, 24 delegation of international conference hall, 200 seats conference hall, various small conference rooms, Lounges and Dining halls. total floor area of 7,200m² hall, Grand Total floor area of 56,000 m². Site-2: 7 and 8-story Towers and 2- Terrace wings by "Valley Setting" arrangement. 



49,260 m² Site. Sail-shaped 24-story Atrium Hotel Tower. 300 luxury guest rooms with magnificent Lake view. Conference Center (1,200 people). Banquet Hall (1,000 people). Entertainment Pavilion. Total new hotel floor area of 41,800 m². Renovation of existing 270rooms Hotel (floor area of 24,170 m²).


23 NCHK RUIJIN HOTEL     Shanghai, China

5,700 m² site in the 55,670 m² Ruijin French style Guest House complex site. 28story, 300 room hotel and 150 units Residential hotel. French style to unify existing complex. 2 level of underground parking. Total floor area of 58,600 m².


12 CQ Road Towers and Shopping Mall     Changchun, China

14,300 m² Site (2blocks). Four 26-story residential towers, Total 97,300 m² and 500 unit. 5 Floor Shopping mall, 54,600m². Under ground car park, 11,000 m². Total floor area of 162,900 m².

13 SOGO DEPARTMENT    Wuhan, China

7,890 m² site. 7 floors and 1-basement of Department Store. One level of underground car parking. Total floor area of 50,630 m².



22,300 m² site. Building structure of 5-story below ground and 8-story above ground. 1500 underground car park. 68,600 m² of Department store include Food Court, Restaurant mall. Cultural Center and Cinema plex. Mass transit subway connection. Total floor area of 130,000 m². 


24 GUANGZHOU URBAN PLANNING     Guangzhou, China

497,000 m² Urban planning site in Dongshan district. Urban planning consist of main pedestrian flow with city bus and Existing and planned subway system, Water front attraction area, Harmonization of Great Pearl River with distinctive curved CBD Boulevard and Circular CBD Plaza including planed subway station and various event activities. 99-story Landmark Tower (shopping, office, hotel & convention, cultural and entertainment hall).


25 SONGJIANG CENTER    Shanghai, China

101,350 m² site. Transportation Center includes Railroad Station and two major Bus Terminals. 325,160 m² Shopping Mall with 8-megastores, anchor stores, retails, exhibition hall, Foods and Entertainments, Amusement park, 1,000 underground car park. Grand total floor area of 447,320 m².


26 LIPPO CENTER    Beijing, China

22,480 m² site. 7 floors of Shopping Mall, 10 - story twin office tower, Three 13 - story Residential Towers and two level of underground parking. Total floor area of 249,900 m².


27a International High-Tech Office Park    Asuncion, Paraguay

280 hectare site. Self - Contained International High - Tech office park consist of office and laboratory buildings for research and development for High - Tech business. Entry plaza with Visiter Center, Circular Symbol Park and Hi - Tech Exhibition / Convention center. The National Pride High - Tech Open Mall. High-Tech rerated business and technical school and research. Outdoor multi-use sports park, Mid - rise Residential towers, Vilas, Riverside recreational park, 8 holes Golf course and Clubhouse, Three and five stars hotels, Indoor / outdoor shopping mall, Cinema and theater, Kindergarten and Elementary school, Clinick, Chappel.


27b GOLF RESORT NEW TOWN    Shantoui, China

1,507,000 m² hillside Site. 27 hole Golf course, Club house, Lodge, Hot springs and Spa. 285,000 m² Residential resort site. Residential resort plaza with lake, Residence club house, Shopping, Restaurants, Swimming and Recreational pool, School, Clinic, Library, Chapel, 45 mid-rise residential towers, 170 Villas. 278,000 m² West Villa resort it. 190 Villas. 83,000 m² West ECO mountain recreational Park.



23,800 m² site. 3,500 seats of Multi-Purpose Sports and Cultural events hall. Total floor area of 12,300 m².



Three sites (North, South, and East site) are connected as one community (total of 7,000 units on 135 acres) by the use of Visual and Physical connection. Central plaza has gathering and social place. The circular and radial road access to all buildings. Underground parking connect to all building elevators and stairs.


30 SHENZHEN FORUM    Shenzhen, China

28,800 m² site. Five 50-story residential towers (250 unit/tower). 500 room luxury hotel. 89,500 m² Shopping mall. 10,000 m² Bus terminal. Total floor area of 218,700 m².