Urban area of 500m x 3200m extends along the Xuan wu men wai Avenue in central Beijing. This project is the transformation of existing local unchracterized avenue to vital worldwide international media avenue collaboration with Massatusetts Institute of Technology and Icon Architecture Inc.

Numerous world wide IT (Information Technology) media co., News paper co., Media -tec school co., Media oriented shops, etc. will have a office and store on this avenue.

The Urban Gateway buildings over the avenue intersections  are the modern interpretation of Ancient Chines Gateway structure.

Media urban rooms are consist of Preservation of Historical area, Proposed Museum, High - tech. Media Research and Computer Companies.

World Media Forum and Theater, Communication and Broadcast Companies and Studios, 21 century Hutong, Technical College, Academic Quadrangle, College Library, Playing fields and Dormitories, and Media Commerce / Entertainment Place.

Media Commerce Center is a destination of Theme media oriented commercial center. It is consist of office towers, residential towers, shopping mall, media plaza with restored historical building, indoor / outdoor theme park and hotels.