Three sites (North, South, and East site) are connected as one community (total of 7,000 units on 135 acres) by the use of Visual and Physical connection.

Three sites have an own central plazas called " North plaza, South plaza and East plaza" as community plaza. These connection symbolize the dynamics of 21st century's social and physical network like a "web".

Each plaza has gathering and social place with offices / neighborhood bank / postal / daily shops / restaurant and coffee shop / health / community facilities /, etc. 

The circular and radial road access to all buildings. Underground parking connect to all building's elevator and stairs.

Partial ground floor of residential buildings will be occupied by small shop and offices. Vehicle free common garden is located between residential buildings. Landscaped common garden is consists of walkway / benches / tree and pond / bicycle path / children play area, etc. Municipal office, hospital, elemental school, office, hotel are located on South site.