101,350 m² site. Transportation Center include Railroad Station go to downtown Shanghai, Long distance bus terminal (34 destinations bus dock), City bus terminal (48 bus dock of city bus rout) and 380,000 m² mega-shopping mall. Building footprint is 230m East-West, 280m North-South.

380,100 m² shopping mall consist of 32m and 29m wide Boulevard mall connect to railroad station, Long distantce bus terminal and City bus terminal with moving sidewalk / trees / Kiosk-benches, 100,000 m² retail and open market place.

138,000 m² Mega-store / Department store with 14 of 8,000 m² unit size, 10,000 m² Exhibition Hall, 7,000 m² food court, 16,000 m² restaurant mall, Cultural Center, 8,100 m² Cinema park, 29,000 m² Theme park / Game park, Sports /Recreation park on roof level.

1,000 underground car park on B-1 level. Grand total floor area of 447,700 m².