134,000 m². Hilly site.  12, 14 and 16-story stepping up hotel tower and 5-story wing of terraced guest rooms. Total of  380 luxury hotel rooms. Indoor /outdoor swimming pool and fitness club are located on hotel podium roof level. Banquet rooms are located at the upper podium level. Theme Island restaurant /Bar is landscaped Entry Court welcome to hotel guests to South and the Conference groups to North. 

Discovery hill of walking trail, falling water, birds watching terrace etc. offer as resort hotel attraction. Five villa suite at East and residential mansion at South-East are remotely located from primary hotel complex for privacy. Hill top spa /restaurants are connected to hotel tower by sky bridge. Total floor area of 9,100 m².

Conference center consist of central gallery hall, 500 seats regional conference hall, 24 delegation of international conference hall, 200 seats lecture type conference hall. various-small conference rooms, Lounges and Dinninghalls are surrounded by lake water. Total floor are of 7,200 m².  Grand total floor area of 56,000 m².